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Ten Things I’ve Learned
  1. All great things grow out of need.  The success of a product depends on how well it solves a problem, and this should be the starting point for every project.
  2. Doing business shouldn’t hurt. The environment.  Employees.  Consumers.  You can make money without doing evil.
  3. Pull is better than push. As analytics engines quietly gather information, and social media networks connect like-minded people together, it’s getting easier by the day to reach the people who are passionate about what you are doing.  Why be annoying, when you can be engaging?
  4. Nobody cares about you! That’s the first rule of marketing.  People are going about their busy lives, and could care less about your Board of Directors, or the fluctuating silicon market.  Focus on the client, and always see things from their perspective.
  5. Simple is best.
  6. Be truthful. While it’s easy to make small gains from manipulating statistics, embellishing facts and leaving out details, the cost can be huge.  People are smart – remember.
  7. People are more important than profit.  The term “human resources” is a horrible way to refer to the people who devote their lives to a business.  When people are treated in a fair, respectful and encouraging way, they accomplish great things.
  8. Give generously. Encouraging everyone to give 3% of their income and volunteering 3 hours a month to charitable causes is the right thing to do.
  9. Slow is better than fast (except online). In a world which seems to always move too fast, and with stress leading to unprecedented health problems, it’s no wonder the Slow Movement is catching on.  The return to local foods, home schooling, and work-to-live approaches is the path to a healthy life, and a healthy business.
  10. Give people what they want. While sometimes attributed to P.T. Barnum, it’s not clear where this adage actually came from, but it’s amazing how many square products companies are attempting to drive into a round market.

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I like this 🙂

Comment by MJ

Thanks MJ….

I don’t use this blog anymore – and my website is down. When it’s back up and running, I’ll send you an invite 🙂

Comment by timveal

I didn’t know that “stress causing unpresedented health problems…” You should have told me…
You know, you can find out anything about anybody on the internet.

Comment by Jared

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